Michael Tse Wing Chun Association – China 2019

Master Tse & GRandmaster Ip Chun

In September 2019 Master Tse took a over 40 Wing Chun students, from the UK, USA, Australia and Denmark to China to visit the ancestral home of Wing Chun, Grandmaster Ip Man and to see their Sigong/Tai Sigong Grandmaster Ip Chun. There were many adventures on the trip. For many it was their first time going to China with their Sifu/Sigong and for others it was another opportunity to travel with their Kung Fu brothers and sisters on another epic trip! Everyone agreed it was a fantastic expereince and some said it was the best trip they had been on yet!

In this diary we share the day to day experiences of the students and also Master Tse’s reflections of the trip, its organisation and build up – some things that even those who went along will not know about! We hope you enjoy it!

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China 2019 Part 5

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