Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 376

108 Movements – Part 5

Master Tse & GRandmaster Ip Chun

If nine represents space and 12 represents time, space and time together 9×12 = 108. This is the reason we use 108 movements. Numbers are energy, the situation, the success or failure, the balance. It is like when we want to make a cake, we need the correct ingredients and the right amounts, for example how much flour, how many eggs, how much sugar, butter, salt, baking soda and any other ingredients to make a tasty cake. So, the numbers are important. If we get the numbers right, then we will be successful.

The numbers cover, direction, space and time. Time is also very important. If you were going to open a shop, you need to know when the best date to open you shop. It must be on a shopping day and also when people like to go shopping like at Christmas or Black Friday. You also need a good location, so this is space and location. All these things together, time, space and location will tell you when to make a promotion and then the opening of the shop will be good, and you will make good money. It is the same when we want to open a class. The best time is September as people always start to look for classes to learn something new in September. Then the next thing is the location, it must be somewhere easy to find. This shows that space and time are everything for success.

In general, 108 is the best number we can make, and this is why Wing Chun forms have 108 movements.

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