Master Tse’s Wing Chu Note #216

Tall People Chī Sáu 黐手

Photo: taller people will keep a longer distance when they Chi Sau

Taller people will keep a longer distance

Normally taller people will keep a longer distance when they Chī Sáu 黐手. This is   where they have an advantage. If you are taller than your opponent you can hit them and they cannot reach you since you have a longer reach. You should keep your palms closer to your opponent, this means you can easily touch their face but they still have some distance to cover before they can reach you. Now they will constantly have to defend themselves against your palms and do not have time to hit you. Never lean down to hit low. This is the most dangerous position, since this allows shorter people to hit your face easily and your hands are lower they can trap them more easily as well.

Having said this, if you are not good at being in close you need to learn to deal with it and not just try and stay away. This is true for every part of Chi Sau, anything you are not good at you need to face it and learn to sort out. This is a principle of life, you cannot run away from your problems, you have to deal with it and find a solution and this means you have to face it. This is how we grow and how we become good at Wing Chun.

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