Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Order a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Traditional Wing Chun wooden dummy

If you are a serious student of Wing Chun Kung Fu then you need a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. Training on the Wooden Dummy refines you position and techniques to a high level and it also allows you to develop the power for kicking and also Fa Ging.

These Wooden Dummies have been personally selected by Master Tse. They are made from high quality hard wood and should last you a life time.


  • Main Body of the Dummy
  • Free Standing, Height adjustable Frame (no need to fix to a wall)
  • Dummy Arms, Leg and all holding pins.
  • All bolts and fixing to assemble dummy
  • Instructions how to assemble

 These dummies are ordered directly from China.  For more information please contact the Tse Qigong Centre:

Tel: 0845 838 2285


2 replies
  1. Tor Arne Oigard
    Tor Arne Oigard says:

    These are my favourite dummies. They feel good, they look good, they do not take up much space. Having a dummy is so important for improving you wing chun skill and can recommend everyone to get one.

  2. Eric Paule
    Eric Paule says:

    We have had our dummy for over a year now and have to say that it is an invaluable investment. They are extremely well made and actually look like a piece of art…which in some ways it is.

    It takes up so little space that we are able to have this in our back lunge and still have space for table, chairs, and other furniture. Most importantly this is something that every Wing Chun practitioner should try and attain at some point in their Wing Chun journey. Our footwork and hand positions have improved incredibly due to having the opportunity to attend seminars and residentials.

    We recommend the Tse Centre dummies as a standard above the rest.


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