Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 283

Wing Chun Family Tree – Part 7

Lèuhng Jan 梁贊(1826-1901), was a very good doctor of Chinese Medicine. He was so famous many people travelled far and near to see him for treatment. His clinic was called Wìhng Sāng Tòhng 榮生堂 (Rong Sheng Tang), which means Prosperity Living Clinic. This was good name, as everyone wants prosperity and a good living. Everybody in Foshan knew Lèuhng Jan was very skilled in Wing Chun and many people wanted to study with him. To begin with he refused to teach anyone but his two son’s Lèuhng Bīk 梁壁 and Lèuhng Chēun 梁春. However Lèuhng Chēun was more interested in Chinese Medicine and because Lèuhng Bik was more interested his skill was much higher. Lèuhng Jan did eventually teach a few students, Leih Wàh 李華,also nickname was Muhk Yàhn Wàh 木人華 means Wooden Wah, Lèuih Yúh Jai 雷汝濟,Lòuh Gwai 盧桂 – who’s nickname was Jyū Yuhk Gwai 豬肉桂 which means Porky Gwai, Lèuhng Kèih 梁奇  – who’s nickname was Làuh Màhn Gēi 流氓奇, which means Bad Boy Gei,  and Chàhn Wàh Seuhn 陳華順  who’s nickname was Jáau Chín Wàh 找錢華 which means Money Changing Wah.

At Wong Wàa Bóu’s 黄華寶 60th Birthday Party, Lèuhng Yih Táih 梁二娣 bought the young Lèuhng Jan over to him and Wong Wàa Bóu secretly told him to use his Wing Chun Kung Fu to make friends and teach students, then one day they may be able to overthrow the Qing Government. This is the reason Lèuhng Jan taught the other students.

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