Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 322

How Many Kinds of Bóng Sáu 膀手 We Have? Pt1

Wing Chun Bong Sau
Bóng Sáu 膀手

In Wing Chun, how many kinds of Bóng Sáu 膀手 do we have? Everyone knows that there is Bóng Sáu and Dai (Low) Bóng Sáu 低膀手, as we usually call them, these hare in Tsum Kìuh 尋橋. So, most people will say there are only two kinds of Bóng Sáu. However, this is wrong. In the Wooden Dummy we also have a Dai Bóng Sáu that we call Dai Bóng , but this is different from the Dai Bóng Sáu in Tsum Kìuh. In Tsum Kìuh the Dai Bóng Sáu is forwards and in the Wooden Dummy it is sideways. The Dai Bóng Sáu in Tsum Kìuh we should call Chìhn Bóng Sáu 前膀手. Chìhn 前 means front. This is because this Chihn Bóng Sáu pushes forwards into you opponent. The one in the Wooden Dummy we should call Wàahng Bóng Sáu 橫膀手, like Wàahng Lan Sau. Wàahng Bóng Sáu and Wàahng Làahn Sáu 横欄手 are both hard. Wàahng Làahn Sáu is like a bar blocking or pushing the opponent and Wàahng Bóng Sáu hits the opponent’s attack to the side. The normal Bóng Sáu is soft and should be high and is for redirecting the opponent’s hand to the side. The Chihn Bóng Sáu is hard and is for pushing the opponent backwards, the Wàahng Bóng Sáu is also hard and is for hitting the opponent to the side. If we look at it this way, basically there are two kinds of Bóng Sáu – hard and soft.

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