Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 326

Ip Man Kicks a Thief

One day, Ip Man 葉問 was taking a walk, in Hong Kong, with one of his students, Tsui Shong Ting 徐尚田. There was another man, who they did not know, walking towards to them. The man got very close and as he bumped passed Ip Man, he used a small card, like a credit card, to flick out a valuable fountain pen that was slipped into Ip Man’s chest pocket! As the man grabbed the pen and passed around Ip Man, he suddenly took off and flew two to three meters across the street! Tsui Shong Tin was surprised and at first thought the man had tripped! Ip Man had realised his fountain pen was being stolen by the man, who was a skilled pick pocket. What the man did not know was that Ip Man was a highly skilled Wing Chun master, with a high level of sensitivity and even without contact, he could sense everyone around him. As soon as Ip Man realised the thief was stealing his pen he quickly used Hauh Dāng Geuk 後蹬脚 to kick him right across the street! Then he picked up his fountain pen and continued his walk with Tsui Shun Tin.

Tsui Shong Tin was one of Ip Man’s top students. He sadly passes away in 2014 at the age of 80 years old.

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