Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 328

Ip Man 葉問 One Against Many Pt 1

Around 1929, there was a festival in Foshan 佛山, China and so there were many different people travelling from one place to another. There was a very famous temple near Foshan  and so many Foshan people would go to visit it. However, the only way to get there was by a ferry boat. On this occasion, Ip Man 葉問 was taking his eldest son, Ip Chun葉準, who was five years old, to see the temple. The ferry was very crowded with many different kinds of people. Ip Man and Ip Chun were enjoying the beautiful scenery and seeing the sights. Little Ip Chun loved visiting different places and in fact, when he was older he would travel the whole world prompting Wing Chun. Perhaps some images were imprinted on the little boy’s mind and this would make him want to travel the world. Ip Chun was even luckier than his father as he would travel to more places and see more countries than Ip Man.

Whilst they were enjoying the sights, some hot liquid suddenly splashed on Ip Chun’s face and he cried out in pain! Ip Man looked and could see there was some kind of hot, yellow liquid on his son’s face. Standing nearby was man holding an big bowl full of that hot liquid that looked like soup. He must have split it on Ip Chun’s face.

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