Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 334

24 Leg Techniques – Part 2

Grandmaster Tse teaching kicking.

When our hand techniques, stance and footwork are good enough, then we can begin to learn the kicking techniques. So far, we have discovered 24 Leg Techniques within Wing Chun. Over the history of Wing Chun some kicking techniques may have different names, but they are actually the same. Names are not the most important thing. It is like ourselves, we may have more than one name including, a middle name and even nicknames. The principle of Wing Chun leg techniques is, they do not kick higher than the waist. This is because to do this is dangerous. When kicking high we are standing on one leg so our opponent can kick our standing leg easily, which is particularly true when we are close to them. Another important point when kicking high is that we cannot easily use our hands to grab hold of our opponent, and this means we are only just using one leg. In Wing Chun we like to be able to use our hands and legs at the same time. Another point is that when we kick high our bodies will lean down, so the opponent will notice before we kick then they can just move away and run towards us first. Remember when we are kicking we are only have one leg on the ground, anyone push us and run against us we will lose balance. Then we are lost. So high kick is for Wing Chun fighting skill.

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