Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 336

24 Leg Techniques – Part 4

Cháan Geuk 鏟脚

The second leg technique is Cháan Geuk 鏟脚. Cháan 鏟 means shovel, so Cháan Geuk means Shovel Leg. This technique is opposite to Dāng Geuk 蹬脚. Dāng Geuk is used when the opponent is still and we move to them, Cháan Geuk, on the other hand, is used when the opponent walks towards us and wants to attack us. When they walk close enough, into the right distance, we can kick them. When we can reach them with our leg is the right time to use Cháan Geuk. When we use Cháan Geuk we can use either the front or the back leg. In Tsum Kìuh 尋橋, Wing Chun’s second form, we use the front leg when we doing Cháan Geuk, but the back leg is actually the best as it is more powerful. So, when we want to be powerful, we use the back leg, and if we have no time, then we use the front leg, it all depends on how much time we have to react.

When we kick, the kicking leg should be straight and the toes pulled up, then we will strike with the ball of the foot and can hit the opponent’s leg, knee or even groin. In fact, we kick wherever we can reach. This will make the opponent fall over, like they have been tripped, but this time with force. Cháan Geuk is passive, we wait for the opponent to move and so it is a defensive leg technique.

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