Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 337

24 Leg Techniques – Part 5

Jāk Geuk 側脚

Jāk Geuk 側脚 is the next kick we will look at. Jāk側 means side. So Jāk Geuk is Side Kick. The Side Kick is very powerful, and we have this technique in the Muhk Yàhn Jōng   木人樁 – Wooden Dummy. We stand with our ankle facing the opponent and the toes pointing away and we can kick with either the front or the back leg. Like Dāng Geuk 蹬脚, we use the heel to strike, but this time the toes are pointing sideways and not upwards. When we use it, we can even step the back foot over the front foot before we kick to cross the distance to our opponent. However, we need to step quickly as crossing the legs over when you are close to your opponent is dangerous. We can also wait for the opponent to punch and then we can use Tāan Sáu 攤手 and then Laap Sau 擸手 to hold them so they cannot run away, and then kick them with Jāk Geuk. With Jāk Geuk we can kick the knees, the upper or lower leg and even the hips, it is all up to us. We can even use Dāng Geuk and then follow it quickly with Jāk Geuk. Jāk Geuk is one of the best Wing Chun kicking techniques.

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