Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 338

24 Leg Techniques – Part 6

Jaht Geuk 窒脚

Jaht Geuk 窒脚 is the next Wing Chun leg techniques we will look at. Jaht 窒 means jerk and so Jaht Geuk means Jerking Leg. We can see this techniques in the section 7 of the Muhk Yàhn Jōng   木人樁 – Wooden Dummy. Here we use Gahm Sáu 㩒手 to hold on the punching arm, the other hand is a Jihk Jéung 直掌- Palm Strike to the chest. Our leg goes behind the opponent’s bent knee of their front leg, and we then Faat Gihng 發勁 – Release Power, with our Gahm Sáu and Jihk Jéung. We also use the back of our leg, by suddenly straightening the leg – this is Jaht Geuk. The opponent will suddenly fall back and this is very dangerous as they will fall onto the back of their head, and if the floor is very hard, this can cause serious damage to their skull and brain. For this reason, I do not suggest that you use this skill, but we need to know this skill.

Jaht Geuk needs to be done quickly. Once we put our foot behind the opponent’s leg, we need to contact the back of their knee with the back of our knee. The opponent’s front leg will usually be bent, and then we suddenly straighten our leg, which makes our knee jerk their leg, making them lose their balance. To increase the power and the effect, we push their body with our palm.

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