Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 339

24 Leg Techniques Part 7

Jaht Geuk 窒脚

To use Jaht Geuk 窒脚, we need to be very close to our opponent. Then we will be able to put or leg behind their leg and suddenly straighten it. The Jaht Geuk together with our Jihk Jéung 直掌 to their chest and our Gahm Sáu 㩒手 on their arm will give us more control of them and increase the effect on their body and will easily make them lose their balance. Jaht Geuk is used in very close range fighting where we cannot kick as it is too dangerous. Here it is best to use our legs to make them lose their balance and at the same time we have both our legs on the ground, which is much safer than lifting one leg up to try and kick them. However, we should not use this technique as the opponent will fall very hard on to the back of their head which can seriously injure or even kill them. We do not want that, if we have to fight, we do it to stop fighting, to defend ourselves of others who are being attacked. We must not try to seriously hurt or kill our opponent. Making enemies is not good for you, so we must not go too far. You can defeat them without causing serious damage or destroying them. This is the Chinese Martial Art Code. Of course, if it is life and death or a time of war then things are very different. This shows how serious and harmful Wing Chun can be. We must cover every possibility but with moral control.

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