Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 340

24 Leg Techniques Part 8

When we place our leg behind our opponent’s and use Jaht Geuk 窒脚 together with Jihk Jéung 直掌 to their chest, the technique will be very powerful. We can also use Jihk Jéung to push their chin, as well as their chest, and with Gahm Sáu 㩒手 holding their arm, they cannot move away. With any skill that pushes or pulls, we must make sure the opponent cannot run away and we have control of them, otherwise we do not use it. In Wing Chun we must also think of a plan B. If our technique does not work we must make sure that we are safe. If we just think about situations where we are just attacking, then we can lose more.

With any skill, we need to practise it in order to get it right, or it will not belong to use. So we need to use it with our training partners, but we must not hurt each other. So when we use Jaht Geuk, Jihk Jéung and with Gahm Sáu, as soon as we Faat Gihng 發勁 we must quickly move our Gahm Sáu behind our partner’s back and hold on to them so they do not fall. So we use the skill and do not harm the opponent. A Kung Fu Master always has a good heart.

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