Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 342

24 Leg Techniques Part 10

Now we come to Johk Geuk 鑿脚. Johk 鑿 means hammer down, so Johk Geuk means Hammer Down Leg. Which part of our leg is like a hammer? The answer is our heel. We can use Johk Geuk to hammer our heel down on our opponent’s foot, which is very painful. We can also use Johk Geuk in the same situation as Mut Geuk 抹脚 – Wiping Leg. Here we again use Laap Sáu 擸手 – Grasping Hand to grab hold of our opponent’s hand and then use Johk Geuk to hammer down on their front foot. We can also use Dāng Geuk 蹬腳- Stamping Kick first, to attack their knee and then follow it with Mut Geuk to their shin and then end with Johk Geuk to their foot, so three techniques one after another! If we do this, we must do it in order, Dāng Geuk is first, Mut Geuk second and Johk Geuk at the end. We can also use Johk Geuk individually, for example is an opponent is very close behind you, you can use Johk Geuk to kick back into their shin before they try to attack you. Johk Geuk uses the heel to hammer down and you can use it to hit anywhere that will hurt your opponent.

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