Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 343

24 Leg Techniques Part 11

In Bīu Geuk 標脚, Biu 標 is the same as in Bīu Zī 標指, and means thrust so thrust so Bīu Geuk means Thrusting Leg. When we use Bīu Zī means Thrusting Fingers and we thrust our finger to our opponent’s eyes, or vulnerable parts like throat.  In Bīu Geuk we thrust our toes, but of course we do not thrust to their eyes as this is not a good position for us. Instead we thrust our toes at their shin. If we have bare feet, this technique might not be a very good one to use, but we will usually be wearing shoes and so it is all right to use the toes. If our kick is strong, we might even break our opponent’s leg. In Wing Chun, we use many parts of the leg and we might not immediately think of using certain parts, like the toes, but in any situation we need to be direct and so if we can hurt our opponent enough to finish the fight quickly we should do it, as this is the best way.

In Síu Lihm Tào 小念頭 we have Tok Sáu托手 – Lifting Hand. We also have a leg technique called Tok Geuk 托脚. Tok 托 means lifting and so Tok Geuk means Lifting Leg. Tok Geuk lifts up from below the opponent and uses the top part of the leg or foot and we can use it to hit the opponent between the legs striking the groin area. However, this is another attack that is too serious and so we should not use it. But we need to know we have this technique.

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