Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 345

24 Leg Techniques Part 13

Noih Hyūn Máh 内圈馬

As we have seen, Hyūn Máh 圈馬 has Noih Hyūn Máh 内圈馬 and Ngoih Hyūn Máh 外圈馬. Noih Hyūn Máh circles inwards and Ngoih Hyūn Máh circles outwards. In Wing Chun, all circles like in Hyūn Sáu 圈手 have Noih Hyūn- inwards circles and Noih Hyūn – outwards circles. Likewise, all the circling leg techniques have inwards and outwards circles. If our enemy’s leg is outside of us we will use Ngoih Hyūn Máh to sweep outwards. If the enemy’s leg is inside of our, we will use Noih Hyūn Máh to sweep them inwards. When we circle the enemy’s leg, we do not need to keep our foot on the floor. The important thing is we can circle our leg to sweep the opponent’s leg. It is also best to use Laap Sáu擸手 at the same time. So we grab their arm and pull them, at the same time we sweep them in the opposite direction that our Laap Sáu pulls them. When we use Noih Hyūn Máh we can keep our foot close to the ground, but when we use Ngoih Hyūn Máh we will definitely need to lift our foot up to make the sweep faster and stronger.

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