Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 346

24 Leg Techniques Part 14

Jāk Geuk 側脚 – Side Kick

Lìhn Wàahn Geuk 連環脚 is the next technique we will look at. Lìhn 連 means connect to another or one links to another. Wàahn 環 means ring. So Lìhn Wàahn 連環 means one ring connected to another ring, connected to anther ring and to another etc. So many rings connected together. Lìhn Wàahn Geuk means one kick after another kick, after another, and so it means multiple kicks connected together. In Lìhn Wàahn Geuk we can use many different types of kick in many kinds of combinations. In this way it is just like the hand techniques such as the connection between Bóng Sáu 膀手 and Laap Sáu 擸手 and the connection between Fuhk Sáu伏手 and Hyun Sáu圈手, these are the most common.

We can use Lìhn Wàahn Geuk when our opponent punches towards us and we use Tāan Sáu攤手 to meet it. Then we can change to Laap Sáu to pull the opponent down and towards us, and then we can use Dāng Geuk 蹬脚 to kick their front knee, then while still holding them we can turn and follow with Jāk Geuk 側脚 – Side Kick to kick their hip. This is a combination of two kicks together and an example of Lìhn Wàahn Geuk.

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