Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 347

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques Part 15

Wing Chun Laap Sau

Lìhn Wàahn Geuk 連環脚 can also be used to control our opponent whilst we kick them. For example, while we are in close range and our hands are in contact with our opponent, we can us Laap Sáu擸手 to hold the opponent’s hands then we can use Dang Geuk蹬脚 to kick their knee, now we use Mut Geuk抹脚 down their shin to their ankle and then we can add another kick, Johk Geuk 鑿脚. This combination of three kicks is very damaging. However to be powerful in Wing Chun we need to stand on one leg for a very long time so that the standing leg becomes strong. Our kicks can change in many ways and in many directions. So our legs also need to be flexible, like our hands, and we then can control our balance. If our kicks are powerful then that is even better. Kicks are more powerful than the hands and so we need to be flexible, have our Twenty-Four Leg Technique’s and strong one legged balance, then our Lìhn Wàahn Geuk will be good.

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