Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 348

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques Part 16

When we practise Chī Geuk 黐脚 – Sticking Leg, there are many kinds of Lìhn Wàahn Geuk 連環脚. All Chī Geuk begins with both partners in Bóng Geuk 膀脚. One partner attacks the other using Dang Geuk蹬脚, or we can use Bóng Geuk膀脚, then Páak Geuk 拍脚 to slap the opponent’s leg to the side and then Dāng Geuk to attack their standing leg, or we can use Bóng Geuk, Ngāu Geuk 勾脚 to hook the opponent’s leg out of the way and Dāng Geuk to kick their standing knee. So we can use leg to leg contact to create Lìhn Wàahn Geuk and in the end attack the opponent. However, we must remember, we need to flexible and strong to block, divert and attack. In particular, we must remember that in Wing Chun we do not kick above the waist so that the upper body does not move too much. Then the opponent will not notice we are kicking them and this makes our kicks effective. In Wing Chun, we do not like a lot of big leg movements, we prefer smaller movements and close distance, and then we can use all our limbs and less energy to defeat the opponent.

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