Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 349

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques Part 17

Hauh Dāng Geuk 後蹬脚

Now we look at Hauh Dāng Geuk 後蹬脚. Hauh 後 means behind, so Hauh Dāng Geuk is a behind or backwards Dāng Geuk or a back extension kick. So this kick is like Dāng Geuk only we kick behind. With a normal Dāng Geuk we kick using the heel, with the toes turned outwards slightly. Hauh Dāng Geuk is similar, but we must look behind before we kick to make sure we know where the target is, we do not want to miss our opponent! Once we look behind, we quickly lift our knee and turn the heel to face the opponent, and then we aim at their stomach and quickly kick them. We will usually kick them in the stomach, as this is the best area to attack with this kick and it will hurt them and make them lose their balance. If we try to kick their knees or hips, we can easily miss. This kick works very well as it will surprise the opponent. In Wing Chun, whenever we kick, we must be able to kick in all directions, front, left, right and behind.

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