Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 351

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques Part 19

When we contact our opponent’s foot, outside edge to outside edge, small toe to small toe, this is Jip Geuk 接脚 and we need to pay close attention to our opponent as we are so close to them. We cannot see what they are doing to our leg as we need to look at their face in case they use their hands to attack us. If we look at our feet, then our head will drop and then the opponent will attack us with their hands and as we are looking down, we will be defeated. Even we do look down at the legs, if we respond too slowly, then they will still be able to kick us. However, we must still look at their face. Their face should tell us everything about their actions. Once our legs are in contact, the opponent can use Cháai Geuk 踩脚 – Stamping Leg or Johk Geuk鑿脚 – Hammering Leg on our foot. If our foot has been severely stamped on or hammered, then we will not be able to move and so we will lose; this means we must attack the opponent with either our hands or our feet. We must not let them to attack us first. When we have Jip Geuk we must attack first then they do not have a chance to attack us. If we use Cháai Geuk or Johk Geuk, then the game is over and we will win!

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