Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 352

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques Part 20

With Jip Geuk 接脚, we can also contact with the inside of the foot, this means at the big toe area. If this happens then we are even closer to the opponent. So as before, if we feel our foot is in contact, then we must attack first with our hands or our feet. We can still use Cháai Geuk 踩脚 – Stamping Leg or Johk Geuk 鑿脚 – Hammering Leg, but they are not as convenient to use in this position and so will be slower. If our Jip Geuk is on the inside of the foot, then we can use Noih Hyūn Máh 内圈馬 – Inside Circle Sweeping Leg to sweep their leg. Again, whoever attacks first will have the advantage. In most situations, attacking with the hands is safer than attacking with the legs. So if we use Laap Sau 擸手 to control the opponent, they will not be able to attack us. Also in a 50:50 situation, if we use a leg technique like Noih Hyūn Máh we might lose, and this is because using one leg to attack means that we only have one leg on the ground. If the opponent attacks us or even just pushes us at the right time we will lose our balance. If we are on the outside, then we can use Cháai Geuk or Johk Geuk, and because these are so quick, then we have more chance to finish the situation before the opponent even notices!

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