Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 355

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques Part 23

During Chī Sáu黐手 our feet can be quite close

Cháai Geuk 踩脚 will be the next technique we will look at. Cháai 踩 means to stamp on and so Cháai Geuk means stamping leg. We use it to stamp on our opponent’s foot and it can hurt them quite a lot, particularly as some martial arts like to train in bare feet, and if we are wearing hard shoes or heavy boots, it can hurt even more and cause a lot of damage.

Normally, during fighting or Chī Sáu黐手, our feet can be quite close to our opponent’s, as we are focusing on the hands and the upper body, we should not look down at our opponent’s feet, before we stamp on them. We should be able to sense the distance between our own foot and our opponent’s front foot and never have to look down. In a fight we must be aware of our environment and everything around us without looking. We need to be able to feel and sense if there is danger behind us, sense how many people are around us and know where there is an exit. This is what high level masters are able to do they know there environment by looking, hearing and feeling. So once we know the opponent’s foot is close to ours, we can stamp on their front foot. The best part to use the heel of our foot as this is the strongest, most solid part. If not the heel then the sole of the foot closest to the heel as possible, this is the best Cháai Geuk.

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