Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 356

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques Part 24

Wing Chun fighting
Attack quickly

Cháai Geuk 踩脚 has another function of that is a bit like Laap Sáu 擸手 – Grasping Hand, but using the foot instead of the hand. We sometimes us Laap Sáu to hold on opponent in that position and we can also do this with our foot. In this case we step on the opponent’s front foot, but we must remember when we do Cháai Geuk we should not lift up our foot too high as we want to be fast and secretive, then our opponent will not notice. It has to happen naturally so that when their front foot is close to us we just stamp on it, or just step on it with enough force to control and pin them to the spot so that they cannot move. Then we can use our hands to hit them. Once they are pinned to the spot they will try to move away, but because they cannot move their hands will not be in a good enough situation to attack us, so we must attack them quickly.

So, when the opponent’s foot is trapped their upper body will come under attack and they will not have the focus to defend themselves. This makes the right time to attack them. So Cháai Geuk is both and attacking leg, but also a trapping, defensive technique, like Laap Sáu and so it can be hard and soft.

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