Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 359

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques Part 27

There are four directions that we can kick to. The front kick is Dāng Geuk蹬脚- extend with power (Faat Gihng 發勁) kick. Kicking out to the side is Jāk Geuk側脚 – side kick, kicking in from the side is Páak Geuk 拍脚 and kicking backwards is Hauh Dāng Geuk後蹬脚. This means we can cover all directions from where we can kick our opponent without moving or stepping too much. When fighting, we do not want to let the enemy get close to us and so we need to keep them at a distance where we are safe and they cannot kick and attack us. Once they get closer, we can either step back to keep the safe distance and warn them to stay away, or if they get too close, we must attack first. Once we begin to fight, we must not stop until we are in the best position, where we have won the fight or where we are in control of our enemy. Whenever we are fighting, we must also consider not hurting our enemy too seriously because this is not good for our heart and will cause them to take revenge later. This means the fight is not finished and it will continue until next time, and then it might be even more serious. Being able to stop fighting is the highest level of fighting as this will allow us to win forever and even after the fight we may develop a good friendship.

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