Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 361

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques Part 29

Bóng Geuk 膀脚

Some people are easily confused by Bóng Geuk 膀脚 and Gāan Geuk 挌腳 as their positions look very similar. In both techniques we lift the thigh up to about waist level on the lower leg is down. With Gāan Geuk, the knee is in, and the body is turned to the side. With Bóng Geuk the knee is out, and the body faces the front. Both Bóng Geuk and Gāan Geuk can be used to block the opponent’s kick. Once we have used Gāan Geuk we let the foot land on the ground towards the opponent and then go forwards to attack them with our hands. When we use Bóng Geuk and have blocked their kick, we should push our lower leg towards the opponent, like Dāi Bóng Sáu 低膀手 is used for pushing, and so our Bóng Geuk is strong enough to push the opponent. Even though they look similar, they are slightly different. Gāan Geuk is strong and Bóng Geuk is softer, just like the hands where Gāan Sáu 挌手 is strong and Bóng Sáu 膀手 is soft.

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