Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 363

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques – Part 31

Ngāu Geuk 勾脚, means Hooking Kick. This means the technique is used to hook the opponent’s kick or leg. For example, we can block their kick with Bóng Geuk 膀腳 – Wing Leg, and then we can circle around their leg and use the back of our lower leg or ankle to hook them towards us. This is Noih Ngāu Geuk 内勾脚 – Inside Hooking Kick. We can also hook their leg outwards, and this is Ngoih Ngāu Geuk 外勾脚 – Outside Hooking Kick. When we are in Bóng Geuk, it is better to use Noih Ngāu Geuk, because we move less and so it is quicker. Ngoih Ngāu Geuk however, is longer and so we can reach further, but it requires more movement from the body.

One we have used Ngāu Geuk, we can follow up with Dāng Geuk 蹬腳 – Extending with Power Kick, or Jāk Geuk 側脚 – Side Kick. When we use Noih Ngāu Geuk we usually follow up with Dāng Geuk蹬脚, and when we use Ngoih Ngāu Geuk, we usually follow it with Jāk Geuk. Alternatively, once we have hooked their leg, we can drag it further out to make them lose their balance and when we put our leg down, we can quickly attack them with our hands. So Ngāu Geuk is used to affect the opponent’s leg to make them lose their balance, and then we can attack them with our hands or another kick.

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