Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 365

Twenty-Four Leg Techniques Part 33

The second knee technique is Gwaih Sāt 跪膝. Gwaih 跪 mean kneel down, like when we kneel down on one knee. Gwaih Sāt we push our knee down and inwards. We use it when we have an inside contact with our opponent’s lower leg and so we are very close to them. As our opponent’s leg is inside the area of our knee we can quickly and with power press our knee inside and down to hit their lower leg. When it has done well our Gwaih Sāt will make the opponent lose their balance and fall. So, when we push our knee inwards, it is called Gwaih Sāt and it is like we are kneeling down

The third knee technique is Johng Sāt 撞膝. Johng 撞 means to hit, so it is a hitting knee. It is the opposite to Gwaih Sāt and so we push the knee outwards. Once again we need to be in a very close situation with the opponent’s lower leg very close to the outside of our lower leg. Then we can use Johng Sāt to hit their leg. This will also make them lose their balance.

You can see that, whenever we are very close to our opponent and our lower legs are close or in contact, we can use Gwaih Sāt or Johng Sāt depending on whether we are inside or outside to their leg and whoever strikes first will have more chance to win. Of course, our hands might already be striking when we use the knee strike, it all counts.

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