Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 367

Shaolin Five Ancestors 少林五老 – Part 2

The first of the Siu Làhm Ngh Lóuh (Shàolín Wǔ Lǎo) 少林五老 Shàolín Five Ancestors, was Ngh Mùih Sī Taai 五枚師太. After the Shàolín Temple was burnt down by the Qing Government 清政府, she escaped to Sei Chyūn Sáang (Sìchuān Shěng) 四川省, Da Liang Shan (Mountain)大涼山. Whilst she was out one day she saw wild cat fighting with a crane and from this she created Wing Chun Kung Fu. She passed her new skill on to her only student Yìhm Wing Chun 嚴詠春, who used this skill to defeat a local gang, and this made her famous. When Yìhm Wing Chun asked her Sīfú 師父 the name of the Kung Fu she had taught her, Ngh Mùih Sī Taai replied asking, “What is your name?” Of course, Yìhm Wing Chun replied, “Wing Chun,” and so Ngh Mùih Sī Taai said, “call it Wing Chun Kung Fu.” Today Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the most popular styles of Kung Fu in the world. This is because, as it was created by a woman and so uses less strength to overcome a stronger opponent. It is also based on close distance, sensitivity through Chī Sáu 黐手 – Sticking Hands, and good footwork. These are the most important skills it teaches, and it keeps us healthy and it can be used when we get older, even when we are 90 years old!

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