Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 369

Shàolín Five Ancestors 少林五老 – Part 4

The novel Sing Chìuh Díng Sihng Maahn Nìhn Chīng (Shèng Cháo Dǐng Shèng Wàn Nián Qīng )聖朝鼎盛萬年青 – The Prosperity of Holy Dynasty Everlasting Youth, mentions the third of the Shàolín Five Ancestors 少林五老 and this is Mountain’s Fùhng Douh Dāk (Féng Dào Dé) 馮道德. Fùhng Douh Dāk came from Móuh Dōng Sāan (Wǔ Dāng Shān) 武當山, though some say he came from the Southern Shàolín Temple in Fǔ tián 甫田, Fújiàn 福建, Province. After the burning of the Shàolín Temple by the Qing Government 清政府, some of the monks escaped, particularly the Shàolín Five Ancestors. Fùhng Douh Dāk then went to Móuh Dōng Sāan and became a Daoist. He had a few students, but they were all killed by one of Ji Sihn’s (Zhì Shàn) 至善 students Wùh Waih Kìhn 胡惠乾. After this, Fùhng Douh Dāk went to the coast to Gwóngjāu (Guǎngzhōu)廣州, to take his revenge. He almost killed Wùh Waih Kìhn but he was stopped by Ńgh Mùih Sī Taai 五枚師太.

Another part of the story describes Fùhng Douh Dāk fighting another of Ji Sihn’s students Hùhng Hēi Gūn 洪熙官 and he beat and captured him. This is only a novel and no mention of Fùhng Douh Dāk can be found in any historical document, so he may or may not be a real person. No matter what, Ip Man’s 葉問 writing on the history of Wing Chun mentions that Fùhng Douh Dāk is one of the Shàolín Five Ancestors.

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