Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 384

Kūng Fū 功夫 – Part 8

When I was young, I had a few fights. They were with friends, as we knew each other, or friends of friends. We fought, but we never hurt each other. My first fight was with a classmate’s friend who studied Taekwondo. We were both 14. I had just started studying Wing Chun with my uncle, Tse Chui Hung 謝超鴻, and only knew a little bit of Síu Lihm Tào小念頭 and Chī Sáu黐手. The fight took place in my classmate’s flat, which was very small. After we were introduced, we started and I just ran over to him and started punching at his centre line. He could not do anything and quickly he was pushed up against the front door of the flat, then he almost sat on the floor. I won because I did not think of anything, I just focused on punching. He could not move and so he could not use any of his kicks so I took the advantage.

The next fight was when I was 18. This time it was with a friend of mine who studied Choi Léih Faht 蔡李佛. He just kicked me without any warning. He kicked me first and I stepped back, then when he went to kick me again, I lowered myself and swept his standing leg and he fell to the floor. I felt bad about that and was sorry, as it could have seriously hurt him, but luckily he was OK.

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