Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 392

Three Forms – Part 2

People asked Lèuhng Jan 梁贊 why shorter and simple was better, he said, “Shorter and simple techniques we can master better, and from the simple technique, we can go deeper and find may ways to use it.” Then one day Lèuhng Jan said to his students, “Wing Chun has three forms. Whoever can combine these three forms into one, is the best Wing Chun man.” This means whoever can make Wing Chun even simpler and shorter can develop Wing Chun better. Wing Chun does not need to be complicated and have lot of techniques. It should be simple and deeper, more profound. Each technique we should understand well. It does not matter if we remove techniques and make the system shorter, as short is good, but we must still be able to cover all the important techniques.

Today Wing Chun still has three forms and so far no one has been able to combine them into one without losing their essence.

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