Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 412

How do you Handle Someone Stronger than you In Chī Sáu 黐手? – Part 2

Gāau Chaā Sáu 交叉手

When seniors Chī Sáu 黐手 with someone stronger, the first thing they do it keep a good distance. Someone stronger is usually taller and has longer arms. So, maintaining a safe distance is very important. When the opponent attacks the senior, they will move to a good position using good footwork and they will move a lot. So by keeping good distance, using good footwork and taking a good position allows the senior to be very safe and they it will not be easy to hit them. They next thing the senior will do it exhaust the stronger opponent using their Gūng Lihk 功力- Internal Strength. They might use their Fuhk Sáu 伏手 – Resting On Hand to control the opponent’s hands and also use their Gūng Lihk to put pressure on them making them use more energy, and so making them tired. The senior will also use Gāau Chaā Sáu 交叉手 – Cross Over and Hold on Hand to trap them. Of course, the stronger person will use energy to try and fight back, and so they will get even more tired. When the senior is on the inside, they will use more Tāan Sáu 攤手 – Opening Hand, even double Tāan Sáu, and this will make the strong opponent feel very awkward and unsafe, so they try to avoid it, particularly when the senior’s Tāan Sáu is high and very close to them. Then they will move randomly, use the wrong strength and make many mistakes. Then the senior will hit them.

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