Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 432

Lòih Làuh Heui Sung 來留去送 – Part 1

Everyone who studies Wing Chun must have heard this Wing Chun Poem:

Lòih Làuh Heui Sung Lāt Sáu Jihk Chūng 來留去送 甩手直沖

However, many of you will not know Chinese, so you may not have heard it, or your Sīfú has explained it to you in an English way. This is almost a law in Wing Chun, you must know it. Before I explain it to you, we must first know why we have Chī Sáu 黐手 – Sticking Hands.

Wing Chun was created by a woman Ng Mui Sitai 五枚師太. Women are generally not stronger than men, so it means if you are weaker then you need to use your energy well and use it with skill. by practising Chī Sáu you learn how to read your opponent’s energy, so you do not need to use a lot. If you just compete and use strength against strength, then you do not need to learn Wing Chun, as there are many styles of martial art that just use force against force. Through practising Chī Sáu you can feel your opponent’s energy and so we can react using less energy and find the right technique and position. Then we can strike using strong energy to defeat the opponent. So, Wing Chun was created by a woman for ordinary, weaker people to fight against bigger stronger opponents, and we must remember this.

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