Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Notes 434

Lòih Làuh Heui Sung 來留去送 – Part 4

I have read some Chinese books on Wing Chun and some of them did have poems that could relate to this poem, but I am not sure if they connect 100% with our style of Wing Chun. However, I might share these with you in the future.

The first set of the poem says, Lòih Làuh Heui Sung來留去送. It literally means Comes, Stay, Go, Send. From this we can imagine movements coming, going, staying and sending and this means we are moving. This is what happens in Chī Sáu 黐手 – Sticking Hands. We move the hands forwards, backwards, up, down or they can be stationary, but we are in contact.

Then comes the second set, Lāt Sáu Jihk Chūng 甩手直沖 and this literally means, Lose, Hand, Straight, Thrust. We can imagine, during Chī Sáu, if we lose contact with our opponent’s hand, then we straight thrust, which means strike forwards immediately. If we do not have contact, then things are very unstable and dangerous, and so we strike forwards in a straight line as this is the fastest way, which minimises the danger.

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