Maser Tse’s Wing Chun Note #142

Teui Ma 退馬 – pt 2

As we looked at last time, Teui Ma退馬 is the way of stepping backwards. When we step back we must never step back in a straight line, we must step back at an angle so your opponent cannot catch you. We can step back, to the left or the right, we must not step back at an angle of more than 45 degrees, otherwise we will still be too close to our opponent, unless of course you want to attack them back straight away. After we have completed our step, we must make sure we maintain the correct stance and position. The feet should still shoulder width apart, when we measure between the heels and 70% of the weight on the back leg and 30% on the front. This position is very safe and stable. Your front toes should point towards your opponent’s centre and the best is they point between the opponent’s legs.

We must also remember not to step back more than three times. The best thing to do is attack back after the second step. This is the right time to counter attack as the opponent will not be expecting it and so you will take them by surprise. When training, however you can step back many times and so your steps will make a zig-zag pattern. In reality we should walk back to one side, as if you are circling. It is also good to keep the same hand as the leg in front, as long as you are not in contact with your opponent.

Teui Ma is one of the best Wing Chun methods you can use to avoid your opponent’s power, then once they are tired or have to pause, you can attack back as quickly as possible.

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