Master Tse’s Wing Chun Fist #151

Single and Double Hand Contact

During Chi Sau黐手 some students always keep contact with one hand only and this is also a bad habit.  They do this because they are afraid of being too close whilst doing Chi Sau.  However what they forget Chi Sau is actually about close distance.  When we have a long distance the opponent can use kicking, jumping, and long punches. When we are at this distance it is actually not difficult to deal with these attacks because they are so far away.  We can easily walk or step to the side and so it is safer. When attacking from a long distance it is easy to punch, kick and jump,  however in reality close range is the key as it is more difficult to handle and so it is easy for the techniques to become a messy.  For this reason Wing Chun training focuses on closes range and that is why our Wing Chun ancestors created so many Wing Chun hand techniques, for example Taan Sau攤手, Fuk Sau伏手 , Bong Sau 膀手 etc. which are perfect for close range

So we should face our problems and not be afraid and use more double hands which is particularly true for beginners. Also we should know when we should change to single hand contact and when we should use double and contact. Training this skill helps us master the distance between you and your opponent.


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