Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #118

Story of Ip Man pt 18

note-118Ip Man paid close attention to what he was being taught by Uncle Leung Bik.

Leung Bk taught him how to hold his fist in a different way to the normal Wing Chun fist Yaht Jih Chung Kuhn (Kuan) 日字沖拳, and this new fist was called Saam Jim Kuen三尖拳, Three Sharps Fist. In this technique, he held his fist as usual, except that the second knuckle of the index finger created a triangle and the nail of the thumb was used to support the index finger. This created a sharp point on his fist. The bent index finger created a triangle and this is why it was called Three Shapes Fist – Saam Jim Kuen.

Ip Man had to train this fist the same way as the normal Wing Chun Fist and he also had to practise this Saam Jim Kuen on a sand bag in order to make it strong. Uncle Leung Bik was very strict with Ip Man and he required that Ip Man’s technique was clear and precise as precise as the Luhk Dim Bun Gwan 六點半棍, so he could hit the points accurately. After a lot of training, Ip Man’s Saam Jim Kuen became very strong and accurate.

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