Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #121

Tsum Kiu (Chahm Kiuh)尋橋- part 1

photo Bong Sau
Bong Sau

After we have finished Siu Lim Tao (Siu Nihm Tauh)小念頭 we will start to learn Tsum Kiu. Siu Lim Tao is basic training, training Gong Lik功力, Fa Ging發勁 and basic techniques. Tsum Kiu is the second form and is about footwork and the using the forearm which we call Kiu橋 and this mean bridge. Tsum尋 means seeking, so the name of the form Tsum Kiu means seeking the bridge. In fighting our bridge easily reaches out to our opponent’s bridge, so arm reaches out to arm. When we reach out to them we should know how to attack or defend. So we need to learn many arm techniques, like Bong Sau膀手, Waahng Laahn Sau横欗手, Wu Sau護手, Tsum Kiu Sau尋橋手, Mai Jan Kuen埋㬹拳, Waahng Laahn Kuen横欗拳, Fak Sau伏手, Jum Sau枕手, Jut Sau窒手, Biu Zi 標指and many more. For footwork we have Jyun Ma轉馬, Waahng 横馬Ma, Jun Ma進馬.

When fighting, contact is important, but our position is even more important. Good footwork will enable us to always find the good position and then we can use our techniques properly.

It is a bit like Wooden Dummy training, footwork, position and technique. So the most important thing is Tsum Kiu is footwork.

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