Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #123

Tsum Kiu 尋橋 Part 3 – Wan Lan (Waanhg Laahn) Sau横欗手 and Chong Kuen冲拳

Wan Lan Sau横欗手
Wan Lan Sau横欗手

In Tsum Kiu there is a Sequence of techniques that link together: Wan Lan Sau  and Chong Kuen. When I first leant it I did not understand the application was until my Sifu, Grandmaster Ip Chun葉準, explained it. When we use the Wan Lan Sau it is hard. If our opponent manages to avoid it, if he should push us, then it is easy for us to lose our balance. If our opponent did push our Wan Lan Sau we should quickly let go our Wan Lan Sau and punch forwards with the other hand. At the same time, our opponent will lose his balance and fall forwards onto our punch. This is very hard for him to defend against.

This is a very good technique as using your opponent’s energy is the best technique. Often we need to trick our opponent, do we use the hard Wan Lan Sau to push him. We use the opponent’s natural instinct to push back and when he does we use his energy. Once we let go, he will lose his balance and a we punch at the same time it is hard for him to block it.

However, when we learn this technique, we learn that we must bring our fist to the middle of the Wan Lan Sau before we Fa Ging發勁, we do not Fa Ging from our chest. This is to make sure that the punch is at the centre and the opponent is 100% committed to that position.

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