Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #124

Tsum Kiu part 4 – Wan Lan (Waanhng Laahn) Kuen 橫欄拳


Wan Lan Kuen 橫欄拳

Wan Lan Kuen 橫欄拳

In Tsum Kiu尋橋 see many Bong Sau 膀手 and Wu Sau護手. This means that Bong Sau and Wu Sau are very important in Wing Chun. I have already mentioned that Taan Sau攤手, Bong Sau, Fuk Sau伏手 and Wu Sau are the for major, most important and basic Wing Chun techniques.

In Tsum Kiu there are two unusual Kuen Fa拳法 (Fist Techniques) that require the use of the Kiu Sau橋手. One is Wan Lan Kuen横欗拳, which looks a bit like a Wan Lan Sau横欗手, and the other is Mai Jan Kuen埋㬹拳, which looks a bit like a Taan Sau. However in both these movements we use the Kuen (fist) which makes then stronger. In Wan Lan Sau and Taan Sau the hand is an open palm, however in these techniques the hand is a fist and because of this the energy is different. All these techniques require us to use the stance, which is Jyun Ma轉馬 (Turning Stance), waist power, the elbow and then the Kiu Sau (forearm).

The Tsum Kiu form is about how to use the Kiu. Wan Lan Kuen is used before we do the first kick, Chaan Tui鏟腿. We use it when we are building the fist by the side of the chest. It then flicks out from the body to form the Wan Lan Kuen. The movement needs to come from the inside out, with the arm twisting. This means it is like pushing our hitting with the Kiu Sau while holding a fist. When you use it to hit it can be quite painful and even make your opponent lose his balance.

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  1. Sean Mann
    Sean Mann says:

    Dear Sigong

    I know you’re busy but I have a question, but always forget to ask so I thought I would email you to do this, also I think it’s helpful in it been clear

    When we chi sau there are times we use structure like the elbow to be sometime strong, sometimes neutral with energy and times where you almost suck the person in to you without pulling them with your hands.

    My Sifu does this, it’s like a type of magnetic force that they use against you to draw you in without holding you, you just stick to them.

    With the elbow strength we explain it as Gong Lik but I don’t know a word to explain the other type of energy that draws you in like a magnet, like sifu does with me. I started looking to try find it and found another sifu that calls this Sung Lik, but I don’t want to use this because it’s not from the centre, you or my sifu, or if I have the correct term.

    What word would you use to explain this energy and the way it is used Sigong?

    Hope you don’t mind me asking and thank you both very much for your time

    Kindest regards


    • admin
      admin says:

      That is a “Good level of Gong Lik”. When you have good level of Gong Lik you can be soft, hard, you can accelerate, decelerate and change directions whenever you want. When you Chi Sau with someone who has such a good level of Gong Lik, once they touch your hands they know how to control you. It can feel like a magnet sucking you in or repelling you out. Practise your stance and long Siu Lim Tao to will build up the Gong Lik.


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