Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #125

 Mai Jarn Kuen埋㬹拳

Mai Jarn Kuen埋㬹拳

Once we know Waahng Laahn Kuen 横欗拳, we should also learn about its brother, Mai Jarn Kuen埋㬹拳. Mai Jarn Kuen is a bit like Tann Sau 攤手, only holing a fist instead of an open palm. In Tsum Kiu 尋橋 the first three steps with the Bong Sau 膀手 and Wu Sau護手 see use turning to the side. After this we turn to the front and change the Bong Sau to Mai Jarn Kuen. Mai埋means close, Jarn 㬹means elbow and Kuen拳 means fist. So Mai Jarn Kuen means, Close Elbow Fist. Some people think that this is an low hook punch, but this is wrong. I recently asked my Sifu about this and he said this is wrong, and said that this elbow technique is not a punch. Sometimes when we are learning a skill and see other people doing it differently we can become confused, then we need to confirm things with our Sifu. Once you have got the proper answer, trust that and what you have learnt before. Mai Jarn Kuen requires a good stance or Jyun Ma轉馬 and a powerful waist, then the power can go to the elbow. The movement and also the strength goes from the outside to the inside, but the opponent is on the very low part of the forearm, close to the elbow. It is a very powerful technique and can be used to break arms and even ribs, and can also be used to knock your opponent off balance. It also has a twisting energy, so if someone punches at us we can use Laap Sau 擸手to grab his arm and then use Mai Jarn Kuen to break it. So we must be careful not to hurt people when we are training and only use it when really necessary.

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