Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #129

 Jyun Ma轉馬 – Part 2

Practising Jyun Ma 轉馬 takes many years to get it correct. I have never come across a beginner who can do it straight away. This is because non trained people do not know where their weight is and in Wing Chun we need to put out weight on our heels and turn on our heels. Ordinary people will put their weight on their feet when they are standing still and perhaps it will be more on their heels, but when they move it is a different matter. The worst thing is they will put their weight on their toes or the front part of their leg and this will make them tired easily lose their balance as they are not grounded. You need to understand how the Qi flows to understand why this is wrong. Also ordinary people do not often bend their knees while they are turning. The Wing Chun stance is very particular and almost no one will have turned their heels out until they train.

In Chinese Kung Fu and Qigong we discovered that putting the weight on the heels will make our energy grounded and so give us more power. This also makes us healthier and so it is important for both health and developing power.

In Jyun Ma we need to turn on the heels of both feet. The feet should turn forty five degrees and should be parallel. One leg should have seventy percent of the weight and other thirty percent on the other leg. The hands are not so important. In Tsum Kiu尋橋 we use Waahng Laahn Sau橫欄手so the shoulders need to be square every time we turn. Also the feet must always be shoulder width apart. When we train we should turn many times and we need to remain on the same spot. This is a good Jyun Ma.

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