Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #134

Dang Geuk 蹬脚

The second kick in Tsum Kiu尋橋 is Dang Geuk,  this means straight bouncing out kick.  It is like Jung Kuen衝拳, Wing Chun’s punch. This kick comes before Jeun Ma轉馬  and after we turn the body we lift the leg then kick out. That kicking out movement we call Dang蹬 in Chinese.

When we use Dang Geuk the standing leg is bent slightly and so it is different from Chaan Geuk鏟腳, where our standing leg is straight and the kick comes up from the bottom. With Dang Geuk standing leg is slightly bent and we first lift up the kicking leg and kick from the low centre body and strike with the heel.  We use this kick when the opponent is not prepared and so they do not expect it. We kick to the centre of their body but not higher than the waist and this will break the opponent’s balance and so knock them down.  We can kick with the front leg or the back leg, but when we kick we must not to move the upper body, in order to maintain a balance and not let the opponent know we are about to kick them. Before we can use any kicking techniques we must train our legs and balance to be strong otherwise the opponent will hit us back and we will lose our balance.

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