Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #136

Dai Bong低膀

When we are practising Tsum Kiu尋橋, whilst doing Jeun Ma進馬 we also use Dai Bong and Taan Sau攤手. This is the section after we do Dang Geuk蹬脚 and we start to walk using the Jeun Ma. The Dai Bong is unusual as it is strong whereas generally Bong Sau is soft, in particular the forearm. Dai Bong is hard and is used for pushing your opponent, however we also need to grab and control their other hand so they will not get loose, so normally we only use one Dai Bong, not two like in the form.

The contact point on the Dai Bong is also different to a normal Bong Sau. It is four fingers above the wrist, instead of the usual two fingers above the wrist. We do not use the normal position as we use Dai Bong against the opponent’s forearm. Usually they are using a Fuk Sau伏手or a Wu Sau護手, and this creates a good contact for the Dai Bong. When we use it we must step forwards and use the leg in front is the same side as the Dai Bong. Also we step so that our foot is in the opponent’s centre and generally this is in the centre between their legs. We must make sure we grab one arm while we use Dai Bong against their other arm and there is no space between their arm and body. When our front leg is close to them and between their legs, we can then push with the Dai Bong, if any of these is missing the Dai Bong will not work, so everything must be correct beforehand.

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