Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #137

Dai Bong Power

In Tsum Kiu尋橋, after using Dai Bong低膀 we change to Taan Sau 攤手. As we step forwards we push with the Dai Bong and when we stop we change the Dai Bong to Taan Sau. This must happen in the correct way. As we start our Jeun Ma進馬 our palms turn up to face the chest and as the Jeun Ma continues, the palms turn downwards and then we push the forearms from the inside to the outside and we finish the final Dai Bong position. Every time we Dai Bong there must be strength in the forearms. The forearms are like a pair of swords with the blades facing out and should give you powerful feeling.

Every time we step with the Jeun Ma we create power from the heels. This power transfers from the heels with the momentum of the step and comes to the waist, to the body and then to the forearms and so the Dai Bong. This makes the Dai Bong very powerful and if you can do it well you can push your opponent away.

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