Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #138

Dai Bong低膀 and Taan Sau 攤手

In Tsum Kiu in the sequence where do Dai Bon we also do Taan Sau. Do you know why we need to do it like this?  No matter whether it is a normal Bong Sau膀手 or a Dai Bong Sau, it can be vulnerable to someone using Tok Sau托手. This means when our opponent is using either a normal Bong Sau or a Dai Bong Sau we can use Tok Sau to hold their elbow and push up into their body and so make them lose their balance. Of course, when we use the Tok Sau we do it quickly and also stay in contact with their forearm until we reach their elbow and can push them.

Our Wing Chun ancestors were very clever, they have left us with solutions to every situation.  When our opponent is trying to use Tok Sau, just when they are about to reach our elbow, we must quickly change to Taan Sau and this neutralises all the problems Tok Sau presents to us.

However in order to be that good the most important thing you need to develop is your sensitivity. The earlier you start to do Chi Sau黐手 the better your sensitivity will become. Generally ladies and blind people have more sensitivity. I have heard of certain Wing Chun schools that do not practice any Chi Sau or make the students wait maybe 3 or even 7 years until they can start.  This means they are missing the essence of Wing Chun training. Chi Sau is the way to develop and maintain the Wing Chun skill.

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