Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #140

7 Star Footwork 七星步法

Double Wu SauWhen training Tsum Kiu (Chahm Kiuh)尋橋, we should concentrate on footwork as this is the main purpose of Tsum Kiu. In the form we are introduced to Jyun Ma轉馬, Waahng Ma橫馬and Jeun Ma進馬. However in Wing Chun training there are 7 different kinds of footwork which I gave names to in 2014 when my Sifu asked me to write an article for the Wing Chun Genealogy Book.

So after these three stepping methods there another 4 and these are Teui Ma退馬, Biu Ma標馬, Faai Ma快馬, and Jih Yauh Ma自由馬. The first four; Jyun Ma, Waanhg Ma, Jeun Ma and Tui Ma cover moving in four directions and stationary turning i.e. turning left and right. Jyun Ma is stationary. Waahng Ma is walking sideways either to the left or right and also includes walking in a circle with clockwise or anticlockwise. Jeun Ma is walking forwards and Tui Ma is walking backwards. These are the basic methods. The last three are the advanced level which covers explosive, fast movements and random stepping. However, without the first four basic levels we cannot develop the last three methods of footwork. So whilst we are learning Tsum Kiu and its footwork, we should also learn the 7 Star Footwork 七星步法 and together these will raise our Wing Chun Level higher.

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