Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #141

Teui Ma 退馬 – Part1

As we talked about last time, the first four methods of footwork in Wing Chun training are Jyun Ma轉馬, Waahng Ma橫馬, Jeun Ma進馬 and Teui Ma退馬. The first three are covered in Tsum Kiu尋橋and so this leaves on Teui Ma, which is stepping backwards. Because we do not have Teui Ma in Siu Lim Tao小念頭, Tsum Kiu (Chahm Kiuh)尋橋 or Biu Zi標指, there are many people who think that Wing Chun does not step backwards. This is wrong! Although we cannot find Teui Ma in the hand forms, if we keep studying then we will find Teui Ma in the Baat Jam Dao八斬刀, however when we are holding the two knives the way of stepping backwards is slightly different as the stance is slightly bigger and wider. In the “proper” Teui Ma our stance is the same as it is in Jeun Ma where one foot is forwards and the other is behind. The leg, toes and heel of the front leg are in line with the heel of the back leg. When we step back we move the front leg behind the back leg and we can make the step as big as we like. As soon as the front leg lands behind, we immediately drag the back leg and so we make up the same stance as before only the legs as swapped positions. We should always maintain the shoulder widths distance between the feet and we must make sure the leg, toes and heels of the front leg are in line with the heel of the back leg, weight on the back leg in all stationary position.

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